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Resident Evil 5

March 23, 2009
Hey people,welcome again to Brain Vomit.
  My topic is the new Resident evil game.I love the whole Resident evil series.I was stoked last year while reading Game Informer about the new title number 5.This game has been in the works and in the gamer circle for at least a year.My problem is people are slamming it as racist.They wait until it's release date to start bitchin'.Let's face it,anyone who was going to buy it has known about it.We check up on what it is going to be about why wait to have a bitch fit.I personally see no problem with it.All of the Resident Evil series has to do with a corrupt organazation (Umbrella) who infect a group of people (all races apply people it's like a plague.It does not pick or choose).We then have our hero who tries to stop it and has to kill the infected that try to kill them.Why dont we protest all non fluffy fucking bunny games while we are at it.To put it bluntly it's just straight out bull shit! People who have a problem with this should do one of 3 things.
  1) If you dont like it dont buy it.Duh!
  2)Play this addictive series and see how freakin' kick ass it actually is
  3)Fuck off and go knit a sweater!
Leave the gamers and other game intrested people alone.We are not harming anyone.It is a basic horror/hero scenerio.It has taken place in other parts of the globe.There is really no racist undertone in this game.Big deal,it takes place in Africa.It could take place anywhere next.I personally am looking forward to the 6th installment.Resident Evil is a beloved game and all I have to say is...BRING IT ON!!!!

Annoying People

March 8, 2009
I hate when people constantly harass me.I have a Neighbor who bugs me about every little damn thing.The asshole sounds like a freakin' storm trooper banging down my door @ 2 am.Regardless of the fact that I dont usually get to sleep until around 4:30 or 5am.The latest one was because he could not read the writing on something.This is not some helpless guy.This guy is king crazy!He yells at people who are not even there,man!Now I have my mean ass sister pounding my door down.If I dont answer i...
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March 8, 2009

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What The Hell Is Brain Vomit??

March 8, 2009
Brain vomit
                                 Brain Vomit is a play on words.When you have all these thoughts and ideas that you hold in for whatever reason.This site is the regurgetation of those thoughts.A safe place to bitch about whatever is plaging my mind.Some people agree and some dont.That is fine,I just want to voice my side.If you dont like it dont read it!I just think that being silent just to be politically correct or whatever is overrated.You can hide the truth about your feelings...

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Heather Marie Brown 28 yr old single chick.Sick of the normal and politically correct.O.C.D.,Anxiety, & depression wont stop her from speaking her mind.If everyone else gets to bitch then here is a new take on what we are all feeling.You can not hide the truth of who you are from yourself.Free your mind and spew out the contents!


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